31 Jul 2017

How to Nail the Growth Round

By Anupam Rastogi, NGP

The growth-stage financing ecosystem has expanded and evolved significantly over the past few years. There is a near record number of technology companies raising $20–100M+ rounds every month, yet upwards...

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10 May 2017

The Road To Transportation-As-A-Service

By Paul Asel, for CBinsights

As car ownership goes down, the transportation-as-a-service business model offers a higher-margin opportunity within the auto sector. The following is a guest post by Paul Asel for CBinsights. Asel is...

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08 May 2017

Getting to 100M users in 3 years

By Walter Masalin

Why we led a new investment in Yodo Run, China’s leading social health & fitness service Our latest deal was announced in China just before GMIC Beijing last week. We led...

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27 Feb 2017

A New Connectivity Standard for the IoT

By Bo Ilsoe, NGP

Written for the IoT Journal I recently attended the LoRa Alliance conference in London and got to see the latest and greatest in low-power wireless access (LWPA) and LoRa-enabled technologies....

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21 Dec 2016

All The Hype Is About AI, But The Real Action Is In IA

By Anupam Rastogi for CBinsights, published on CBinsights

IA technologies help advance human potential by increasing worker productivity, alleviating mundane tasks, and enhancing convenience in our lives. The following is a guest post by Anupam Rastogi (@anupamr). Rastogi...

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