27 Feb 2017

A New Connectivity Standard for the IoT

Written for the IoT Journal

I recently attended the LoRa Alliance conference in London and got to see the latest and greatest in low-power wireless access (LWPA) and LoRa-enabled technologies. Never heard of LPWA or LoRa, and not sure why they matter? In addition to sharing my perspective on what’s to come in the IoT connectivity arena, I want to take a step back and discuss some important questions, such as: Why do we need a special way to connect the billions of smart devices expected in the coming years? What exactly is LPWA, and why should we care about LoRa? Why is a connectivity standard for the Internet of Things so important?

The Importance of Standards
First, let’s discuss what a standard does. Have you ever noticed, when traveling between countries, how your mobile phone can connect? It connects whether you are in Nigeria, the Philippines or Canada. Yet, you cannot simply plug in your charger to a wall plug in each of these places without cumbersome adapters. Well, that is exactly why… Read more on the IoT Journal


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