Sasken Communication Technologies Limited, a pioneer in communications R&D outsourcing, offers a unique combination of wireless software products & services to leading semiconductor manufacturers, network equipment companies, and global wireless handset developers. Established in 1989 and headquartered in Bangalore, Sasken employs over 3000 people, operating from state-of-the-art research and development centers in Bangalore, Pune & Chennai in India, Kaustinen, Tampere, Oulu & Turku in Finland and Monterrey in Mexico. Sasken is also present in Shanghai (China), Ottawa (Canada), Nice (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Kanagawa (Japan), Stockholm (Sweden), Guildford (UK), Boston, Dallas, New York & Santa Clara (USA).


“At Sasken, we connect the dots across the communications value chain, and constantly look for opportunities to collaborate in this endeavor. Our relationship with Nokia Growth Partners has been great, and their access to such avenues for collaboration has helped us immensely. An excellent example of this is the number of projects we identified with Nokia during two days of meetings set up for us in Finland. Without Nokia Growth Partners it would have possibly taken us months to find the right people and projects.”

Rajiv C Mody, Chairman & CEO, Sasken Communication

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