"NGP brought capital and a large brand name, but most importantly a 'local everywhere', hands-on approach for accelerating our business"

Jess Lee
CEO, InVisage

"NGP has been more than just an investor - they've truly been a partner, a steady source of both encouragement and expertise"
Their advice and support has helped drive strategic direction as well as operational execution.

Andreas Bodczek
CEO and Co-founder, Fyber

"NGP has expanded our opportunities in China and beyond"
Nokia Growth Partners has been a key partner for Madhouse since its investment in 2008. With its global presence and deep wireless expertise and network, Nokia Growth Partners has played an active, valuable role as a strategic and financial advisor to our company.

Joshua Mao
CEO, Madhouse

"NGP's deep global perspective and valuable insights have accelerated our global expansion"
As a strategic partner, NGP has continuously and intently supported UC and strengthened UC's position in the global market.

Yu Yongfu
Chairman and CEO, UCweb

"For me, the core strength of NGP is the wide experience that NGP offers and on a daily basis"
Personally, as CEO of a fast moving company, it has been very beneficial to work with the NGP team members willing and capable of sparring with me on very hands-on daily challenges as well as longer-term strategic opportunities.

Christian Tang Jespersen
CEO, Heptagon

"NGP directly helped us develop strategic relationships in the mobile medium"
Nokia Growth Partners is a valued partner for us in our business — it has directly helped us develop strategic relationships in the mobile medium and continues to offer insights which are not obvious to people getting their industry news front blogs and newspapers.

Pranay Chulet
CEO, Quikr

"Speaking the same language helps. In NGP we've found a partner that understands how we tick and will help us accelerate our global footprint quickly"

Markus Witte
CEO, Lesson Nine GmbH (babbel.com)

"Their deep expertise and global experience helps us greatly on our path to grow Vizury to a sizeable business."

Chetan Kulkarni
CEO and Co-founder, Vizury

"The partnership with NGP reflects our strategic vision; it's more than just a financial investment"
NGP demonstrates impressive thought leadership in mobile imaging and they have connections across the globe. We look forward to growing together with this great partner.

Christopher Pickett
CEO, Pelican Imaging

"We value NGP for the firm's deep understanding of the mobile space and its global perspective"
NGP will continue to be a valuable partner as we drive international expansion.

Alexei Agratchev
CEO and Co-founder, Retail Next

"Our long standing and trusted relationship with NGP made an obvious investor of choice for Verve"

Tom MacIsaac
CEO, Verve Mobile

“John Gardner and the NGP team invested in us 2010 when investors feared AdTech as a sector”
They saw something in us that few investors did at that time and it's been a pleasure to validate their faith by finishing 2012 with over $100M in revenue. Beyond the growth capital, John has introduced us to global partners, customers and investors who participated in a later round.

George John
CEO, RocketFuel

"The partnership with NGP provides our company with not only financial resources, but also with strong knowledge and network resources"

Brian Kam
President, SolarVista Media

"With their vast experience in the mobile and online space, NGP provides patience, industry knowledge and business guidance. "
"We are happy and proud to be able to welcome them as a part of the Grand Cru family."

Markus Pasula
CEO, Grand Cru

“Our product is global and mobile, so is NGP. A perfect long term fit for us.”

Daniel Hasselberg
CEO, MAG Interactive

“Their (NGP’s) track record in identifying and supporting the most innovative mobile solutions is unparalleled."
"PubMatic is delighted to join their family of portfolio companies.”

Rajeev Goel
Co-founder and CEO, PubMatic

“NGP’s backing and support is invaluable for our company, we are pleased to partner with a global leader in mobility.”

Ron Yekutiel
Chairman, CEO & Co-founder, Kaltura

“We aspire to grow on mobile globally so NGP is a perfect partner for us”

Gerard Fernandez
CEO, Omnidrone

"NGP's deep mobile understanding and passion for local was a natural fit with Gigwalk."
Their knowledge and resources have helped us to scale our platform faster and deliver upon our promise of reinventing work in the mobile world.

Bob Bahramipour
CEO, Gigwalk

"NGP’s vision in mobile consumer and local commerce helps Meican create outstanding user experience, gain trust among our customers and reach our long term strategic goals"

Zhao Xiao
CEO, Meican

“We are honored to receive support from NGP."
"They share our views on the potential of the market and the right strategy to drive mass consumer adoption—making them the perfect partners to help us grow."

Tim Kelly
CEO, Zubie

Nokia Growth Partners

We invest in companies, firms, and people that are changing the face of mobility, communications, and the internet. We invest independently and offer companies global engagement opportunities.

A selection of portfolio companies

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  • PubMatic MAG Interactive SolarVista Media Grand Cru Pelican Imaging Retail Next Babbel InVisage
  • Vizury Fyber Zvents UCweb Swype Summit Microelectronics Sasken Rocket Fuel Inc.